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WEEE/RoHS for B2B Company

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  • Francis writes:

    Dear Dr. Lasky,

    I have read on several WEEE related sites that:

    A "producer" is an entity which, irrespective of the selling technique (including by phone, ecommerce, digital television, m-commerce or retail outlets):

    manufactures and sells EEE under its own brand; or
    resells EEE under its own brand (and not that of the manufacturer); or
    imports or exports EEE on a professional basis into a Member State (thereby potentially capturing non-EEA manufacturers or importers).

    Considering these, here is my question:

    We are a B2B company that sells in EU through Distributors only. We do not make any direct sales. It is obviously our responsibility to insure that our products will WEEE (and RoHS) compliant, but how does it work for the collection and recycling? Is it our responsibility to arrange and finance this, or is it our distributorâ