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What Drives Us?

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  • Back in the late 1920's and 1930’s scientists and engineers were just starting to learn how the unique properties of indium could be applied to solve problems, and benefit humanity. I wish I could have talked to these pioneers about their experiences. What were their biggest challenges, and what was it like working with a metal with unknown properties? It sounds pretty exciting to me.

    We can’t answer those questions, but I know what motivates my passion for indium applications. Maybe it is in some way a reflection of the very first “Indium Applications Manager”, Dr. William S. Murray. I assume the pioneers of indium wanted to see indium metal become the solution to the next fascinating application. They must have wanted to see what it could be used for, and they were thrilled when a customer came to them with a new challenge or idea to test out with the 49th element.

    I stand in awe, thinking about the initial research and development without prior art (no one had worked with commercial indium applications until the 1920’s), web browsers, or even efficient forms of communication! These curious and motivated men and women developed the base of knowledge we still use today to specify indium for new applications.

    We are looking forward hearing about your ideas on new uses for indium. Contact me today at and let’s make the pioneers of indium proud of the next application we develop together!


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert