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When do I need to put a second activation tab on my NanoFoil® design?

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  • Frequently, in my role as a Technical Support Engineer, I am asked questions to which I may not immediately have an answer. Luckily, Indium Corporation has a team of experts here to back me up.

    The other day I was working on a NanoFoil® solution for a customer. Their parts were approximately 3” x 3”. I remembered from my training with NanoFoil that once a certain dimension was exceeded, a second activation point would be needed for the foil. The problem was, I could not remember the exact number.


    Fortunately, Indium Corporation has a variety of tools available to us – and to you – to help you answer these questions.


    1. Application notes – are published on our website and provide in depth process information about using our products – in this case we have a great application note about using NanoFoil.
    2. Blog posts – we have over 100 blogs on a wide variety of topics and you can search for information by the specific key word to find the information you need. My friend, Jim Hisert, has written extensively about the benefits of NanoFoil and how to use it in a variety of processes
    3. Ask the expert – we have product and process experts that can help us with just about any question our customers ask us. As you would guess, Jim Hisert is one of our process experts for NanoFoil so I called him and in a few seconds on the phone I learned that the number I needed was 4”. Due to the wave propagation of the NanoFoil reaction, the dissolution of aluminum and nickel into one another – a new activation tab is needed for every four inches of foil.


    If you have any questions about NanoFoil or other topics, feel free to reach out to me.