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Where do they get this stuff (New Thermal Interface Material Ideas)??

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  • As a Thermal Interface materials supplier, we are always looking for the next best material we can offer the market which will really fill a need.  Over a year ago now Indiums Bob Jarrett came up with a new product which would meet the consumer need for a low pressure compressible metal thermal interface material.҂ This was the advent of the SMA-TIM. The idea hit him when he realized that pure indium held the potential to be a great compressible material. It just needed some minor mechanical alterations to make it more compressible under lower loads.


    Previous to this, many of our customers were filling this need using flat indium foils. But under 100PSI, pure indium just wasnt cutting it in performance.  Since the conception of this new material we have been able to aid many of these customers by providing them with a perfectly suited material which would outperform flat indium alone.