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    Hey, it's 2008, and time to dust off the "white paper" that we're so fond of in B2B Marcom and create the "white video" (it's not often that a person gets to coin a term - kind of cool!).

    Not to be confused with The Beatles' White Album or Billy Idol's White Wedding, a white video (as I see it existing in today's transitionary period) is an accompaniment to an existing white paper (not a replacement).

    Our tecchie B2B white papers attempt to depict and describe a ton of complicated processes and procedures. It sure makes sense to me to offer up a little video support (what things look like, how they work, exactly how the author sets up the apparatus, how the material behaves in-process, etc.).

    I imagine the biggest challenge will be to get my product managers and tech team to help me capture the salient points on video.  I'll let you know.