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Why Thin-Film Solar Cells are Here to Stay

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  • Apart from independence from silicon, thin-film solar cells have several advantages. On perfect day and perfect conditions crystalline silicon solar cells would out-perform thin-film solar cells in terms of efficiency. Some of these perfect conditions include direct sunlight, angle of solar rays and operating temperatures. Weather conditions and time of the day / year have considerable impact on efficiencies of solar cells. Thin-film solar cells are usually more adaptable and resilient than their counterparts. Even though there have been issues regarding longevity of thin-film solar cells, these issues have been more related to their packaging and encapsulation. The intrinsic semiconductor layers are quite stable in varied conditions and thermal cycles. Several advanced materials and technological developments have increased the life of thin-film solar cells. Thats why I believe thin-film solar cells are here to stay and not just a stop-gap alternative to the shortage of silicon.


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert