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Will IKEA Set A Global Commercial Solar Installation Trend?

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  • I’ve still never made it to an IKEA store, although I’ve always wanted to check one out. Known for their furniture, IKEA may soon be known for their image as a global supporter of solar technology - at least by the relatively small percentage of the general population that is as interested in solar technology as you and I.

    According to PV Insider:

    “IKEA is also planning to offer Hanergy PV panels, as well as all installation costs being covered, to every one of IKEA’s suppliers in China (the total number of suppliers in China is unknown, but IKEA has reported working with 1,500 suppliers in 50 countries globally). Li Hejun, chairman and CEO of Hanergy, told the Chinese media that 67 of IKEA’s Chinese suppliers had already signed up for the scheme to receive the solar panels.”

    Very cool, IKEA!

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert