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Will TWEET For Water

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  • "Researchers at New York University's interactive telecommunications program have come up with a device that allows plants to tell owners when they need water or if they've had too much via the social network blogging service Twitter."  Reuters

    I absolutely LOVE IT when someone (especially, but rarely, me) takes something cool, applies it to something wildly peculiar (seemingly at the time) , and creates a whole new concept.  Interestingly, AFTER the concept is understood, it all seems so obvious.  Having read the opening quote, a co-worker and I immediately thought of applying the concept to thermometers applied to your child or your geriatric parent ... or to a scale that monitors the weight of something (stock on a shelf) ... or to a sensor that measures your lawn (grass) height on your distant property.


    Applying cool existing concepts in an unusual way in (b2b, btob) business to business Marcom is also a ton of fun.


    Image: i, Timmy