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WOMMA Ethical Blogger Contact Guidelines

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  • WOMMA, in a word, is awesome.

    What's a WOMMA? From their website"WOMMA is the official trade association for the word of mouth marketing industry. Our members are the experts and innovators who have mastered the art and science of creating genuine customer enthusiasm, amplifying it, and sharing it with future fans. Our mission is to build a thriving profession based on best practices, effective standards, and ethical leadership." If you're in B2B Marcom, you're in the word of mouth marketing industry.

    WOMMA has just released, for public discussion and comment, their WOMMA Ethical Blogger Contact Guidelines. You can find their 10 Principles for Ethical Contact by Marketers online.

    Quoting further from their site, "The WOMMA Ethical Blogger Contact Guidelines gives marketers a 10-item checklist with which to make sure that they are always appropriate and ethical when communicating with bloggers."

    "This document is a public draft of guidelines for marketers to follow when doing outreach within the blogosphere. It is neither a "how to blog" nor a "what to blog" document. Rather, its intent is to give clarity and guidance to marketers who are working and corresponding with bloggers, and to ensure that their efforts adhere to the standards set by theWOMMA Ethics Code."

    So, look it over. If you are involved with blogging (either blo