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Word of Mouth: Tomorrow's Customers Today

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  • According to data presented in an email I received from The Word of Mouth Marketing Association:

    19% of Teens' WOM Activity Happens Online

    Teens talk about brands twice as much as their adult counterparts, according to recent research from WOMMAmember company the Keller Fay Group. Of the 145 conversations per week teens have about brands, advertising and marketing comes up in over half (57%) of them, while adults only talk about advertising in 48% of their brand-related conversations. And while the number of teens' favorable brand mentions (50%) lags somewhat behind adults' (64%), the finding shows teens' conversations are surprisingly positive.

    Other findings:

    * 19% of teens' word of mouth happens online, versus only 7% for adults.
    * 75% of teens talk about media and entertainment.
    * 68% talk about recreation and hobbies.
    * 67% talk about technology.
    * 65% talk about telecom.
    * 62% talk about food and dining.

    Learn more about teens' word of mouth preferences and behavior. Then get busy with your WOMeducation/practice. It won't be long before these teens are your best B2B customers.

    Image: Taking the digital Word of Mouth thing a little bit too far – from The Daily HaHa website.