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  • It isn't often that I make something "REQUIRED READING" for my Marcom team. But here is a case where the edict reaches out into the ranks of Indium Corporation's Marcom vendors. I am talking about a hot new blog that really hits the spot if you are in any kind of Marcom: Word Wise.

    Word Wise, subtitled, "Writing tips for public relations professionals and for people everywhere", is written by Dan Santow, a Sr. Vice President and Director of the editorial services practice at Edelman, located in Chicago. According to Dan, "The tips, which are about grammar, usage and style, have a dual purpose: to remind my colleagues in public relations of the power of the written word (I'm lucky to work for a company that not only prizes, but expects, expert communications skills), and, more generally, to support and perpetuate clear, concise, creative, honest, lively, stylish, compelling writing everywhere." Man do we need that!

    Thanks Dan, Your work is greatly respected and appreciated. You truly are reaching your goal of helping, "all of us become the best writers we can be."

    PS: Edelman has a large stable of quality bloggers - worth a review.