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Writing Skills In Marcom: A Fascinating Story

  • B2B Marcom

  • It's not B2B (it is B2C), but it IS Marcom - and it depicts a clearly successful individual. In other words, listen up and learn - maybe even become inspired. Then, apply it all to your B2B practice.

    The background: a self-described "freelance marketing communications writer" (how blah sounding! But wait for it.) with tons of talent and empathy connects to the real estate sales market (how cliche and exaggerated!).

    The results: passion, writing skills, and hard work seriously distinguish both the properties and the sales people - driving RESULTS and a ton of dedicated, loyal, return customers.

    Marcom ladies and Marcom gentlemen, I present you Valerie Haboush and the very flattering New York Times article titled, "The Poet of Property" (cool!). Not so blah-sounding now!

    After reading this you will certainly understand that all your teachers were right: words matter, grammar is critical, being able to write well is extremely valuable, persuasive writing is important, etc. Basically, Valerie has made a career out of paying heed to the advice of our collective 8th-grade English teachers' (with a ton of her own talent and diligence thrown in).

    Congratulations, Valerie, on both the excellent article (I can't wait to learn what excitement and opportunities it creates) and the career.

    Readers, after you review the article, stop back and share your thoughts.