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WS3622 Water Soluble Flux

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  • Semiconductor Packaging

  • It’s no secret that I love WS3622.  The water soluble flux is a magic bullet for all types of semiconductor packaging applications.  As a tech guy, you need to be able to trust a flux – I trust this one.  It can be used for flip-chip attachment, sphere mounting, wafer-level bumping, and a variety of odd jobs. 






    Since I began describing the flux to coworkers and customers, I have always mentioned that it is red and it has the appearance of ketchup.  Without going into my [over]use of ketchup, I guess that description stuck because it’s another material that is near and dear to my heart. 






    Today I noticed that WS3622 really bares more of a resemblance to red acrylic paint.  I think it’s the smooth texture of the flux that really makes its consistency more like acrylic paint than ketchup.