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YInMn Pigment Displays the Versatility of Indium

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  • Indium is one of the most versatile metals in electronics.  Indium solder alloys have a 60° to 184°C melting temperature range.  These alloys also have one of the widest ranges of applications of any of the solders.  They can seal at cryogenic temperatures, bond to non-metals such as glass, bond to thick gold films without dissolving all the gold, and are used for thermal interface materials (TIMs).  The softness and ductility of indium solder alloys make them the first choice for TIM materials as they can conform to even the tiniest surface irregularity, thus enabling a superior heat transmitting interface.

    YInMn is an intense blue pigment with good thermal and optical absorption properties.

    A relatively new application of indium is as a key ingredient in the YInMn pigment.  The pigment was accidentally discovered by Mas Subramanian and his team at the Oregon State University in 2009.   The pigment has a unique and strong blue hue and has a strong near infra-red reflectance and good high temperature performance.  It will be interesting to see what applications spring from this new discovery.


    Dr. Ron