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You and 3,000 Other Advertisers

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  • "Consumers and business-to-business clients have distinct preferences in how they prefer their communications. And when people are bombarded with over 3,000 messages daily, yours can easily get lost in a sea of messaging in a variety of channels."

    3,000 messages per day!?!?!? I have heard a figure in that range previously.

    That quote is from an article by Elaine Fogel, written for Marketing The article, titled, Three Business and Marketing Lessons From the Olympics is brief, interesting, and insightful.

    She offers three main points, all of which are meaningful in B2B endeavors:

    1) Don't become overconfident: "It's always best to come from a place of hunger, no matter what the size of your business is. "

    2) Don't put all your marketing weight into one vehicle: "Relying on one medium alone reduces your chances of being visible. "

    3) Develop a plan: "It's beneficial to develop a realistic marketing plan that focuses on strategic objectives according to the size and nature of your business capacity." I'd say it is CRITICAL.

    Her article is good reading - it will get you back where you belong (amongst the other 2,999 people shouting at your customers).

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