Internship Program

Not Your Average Internship!

2015 Interns

Indium Corporation's internship program has two goals, to help:

  • Indium Corporation engage and harness the power of students and graduates.
  • Students build their network and enhance their resumes by experiencing real-world work in their field of interest and study
  • Sarah Bjornland
    Technical Support Intern
  • Carson Burt
    Laboratory Technician Intern
  • Mike Campbell
    Engineering Intern, Engineered Solder Materials
  • Lindsay Cannistra
    Chemical Technician Intern
  • Matt Del Buono
    Marketing Communications Intern
  • Oghenekovie "Kovie" Evi-Parker
    Chemical Engineering Intern
  • Nicole Guzman
    Purchasing Intern
  • Tory King
    Manufacturing Intern
  • Kimberly Kramer
    Research & Development Intern
  • Sean McKenna
    Industrial Engineering Intern
  • Brandon Morris
    Information Technology Intern
  • Mark Reece
    Engineering Intern, Global Accounts
Headshot of Indium Intern Brandon Morris
Brandon Morris
Information Systems Intern and Current Employee
"Everyday, when I walk through the doors of Indium Corporation, I know that my day is going to be filled with challenging and fulfilling projects that test my knowledge and abilities to their fullest potential."
Headshot of Indium Intern Kimberly Kramer
Kimberly Kramer
Research and Development Intern
"Interning at Indium Corporation has been an amazing, eye-opening experience. Getting a first-hand look into the industry has been fascinating and is sure to make a positive impact on my future endeavors."
Headshot of Indium Intern Sarah Bjornland
Sarah Bjornland
Technical Support Intern
"All of the projects I have seen here at Indium Corporation are interesting. Before this internship, I never knew any work of this sort existed, and I am still being surprised and impressed by new projects."

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Indium Corporation's internship program enables students to work side-by-side with world-class experts while performing meaningful jobs.