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7 Tips to Gain Social Media Popularity

  • 2017 College Interns
  • We all want social media fame, don't we? Okay, maybe being a social media icon isn't at the top of everyone's list of priorities. But, for those of you who want to up your presence and starting reeling in the likes and comments, here are a few tips:

    1. Find your target audience
      • The most important step to gaining social media popularity is to nail down your target audience. Whether you’re a college student looking to become insta-famous, or a business looking to get in touch with people in your industry, you have to identify your target audience. Once you figure out who you want to share your posts with, you will be able to post the most effective content.
    2. Be relatable
      • Being relatable goes hand-in-hand with finding your target audience. If a car company looking to connect with clients and other car-related businesses posts information about kitchen supplies, they are not relating to their target audience. Therefore, they are going to experience less follower interaction on their social media platforms.
    3. Timing
      • Figuring out the perfect time to post is a great way to ensure maximum interaction with your followers. Different social media pages have different peak posting times, and they all depend on to whom you are targeting your posts. For example, the best time for a company whose target audience is high school students to post on Facebook during the week is around 9:00pm. Again, once you establish your target audience, you will become more familiar with their consuming and/or posting schedules, which can determine when you post as well.
    4. Be concise
      • The key to social media is keeping it short and simple. Isn’t that why Twitter only gives you 140 characters to work with? When browsing through social media platforms, people are less likely to stop and read a long, wordy post, whether it’s from a friend or business page. Take the time to think about what you’re going to say. If your post looks too long, read it over again and ask yourself; “Do I really need this much information?”
    5. Be entertaining
      • Yes, social media platforms are used as a business tool, but aren't they used for entertainment as well? For example, when you scroll past a video of a cute puppy, something inside your head tells you to stop and watch it. So, think of your posts as cute puppy videos. You want your target audience to be entertained. Posting content that is not entertaining will not draw your audience in or make them want to interact.
    6. Pictures, pictures, pictures.
      • Visuals are SO important to growing your social media popularity. Including exciting visuals in your posts can increase follower interaction exponentially. Followers are more inclined to like and comment on your posts if they enjoy the visuals you include. For example, the most-liked pictures on Instagram are those that are engaging, eye-catching, and of good quality.  Pictures can tell your target audience a lot about your personality or your business.
    7. Have fun
      • There are a lot of guidelines you can follow to gain social media popularity, but none of them matter if you aren’t having fun. Yes, social media is used as a business tool, but its main purpose is to provide a place for you to express yourself in whatever way you want. So, whether you’re planning on becoming the next Instagram-famous couple like Alexis Ren and Jay Steevie, or just trying to make it to seven likes on your business's Facebook page, remember to have fun.

    Next time you post on social media, try these tips!