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  • Hello again,

    Last week I attended my first AnswerMan meeting. I didn’t really know what it was, but I was told to go, so I did. I figured, at worst, it was an hour break, and likely a blog post. What I found is that it was an extremely informative meeting, where every employee was told the good and the bad, the old and the new, of Indium Corporation. I think it was a great show of appreciation and trust to inform the employees how the company was functioning, and a great chance for us interns to learn more about the company that we are working at this summer. Plus, I learned some new acronyms; mostly those associated with some of the facilities around the world, so now I can better speak the lingo, and understand more conversations around the office.

    Learning acronyms was not the only benefit of AnswerMan. I learned a great deal about the other facilities (I am based in the Clinton, NY, USA site). What they make, how they operate, the closeness, and charity between facilities. AnswerMan really showed me how global the Indium Corporation is. When I accepted the job, I did my research, and saw there were facilities in Asia and England, but I didn’t really know how that would affect or impact me, or how worldwide the company really is. I thought I was just a ten week intern, I’d be in a lab and wouldn’t have any reason to interact on an international level. I’m learning quickly that is not how it works. As the program says, “not your average internship.” I have already been in contact with several people working at different facilities around the world. I see my supervisor, Andy Mackie, interact everyday with people from every corner of the earth. Hearing and learning about the facilities in Singapore, China, Malaysia, the UK, and Korea during the AnswerMan, and how they talked about them as if they were down the road, was fascinating. It brings a sense of closeness between and around the world that I was not expecting. 

    I have learned a lot in the almost 3 weeks I’ve been at Indium Corporation. I’m learning more than I expected, aspects of my position and the work surrounding that, as well as learning about the company and how a global company does business. I’m sure I will continue to learn more, and interact with more and more people around the globe as I continue to learn at Indium Corporation. And importantly I now know more of the lingo thanks to AnswerMan.