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Basketball: More Than Just A Sport

  • 2017 College Interns
  • Ever since 4th grade, I’ve been obsessed with the game of basketball. It has been very rewarding to me through many aspects of my life. I have been blessed with enduring friendships from my high school and college teams; friendships that wouldn’t have existed without this sport. Also, life lessons have been engraved in my mind by coaches over the years. These consist of disciplinary skills, that hard work beats talent, and the drive to never give up.

    At the end of my junior year of high school, I faced a tough injury after tearing my ACL in an AAU basketball game. Since I wanted to play in college, I decided surgery was the best option. Recovery was long and hard, but I thrived through the PT sessions, and made a full come back; stronger than ever. Within every downfall comes a message. I discovered my true passion for basketball again, and that drove me to work harder every day during my comeback. This passion and drive will carry over into my work ethic in my position this summer. I will accomplish tasks to the best of my ability and won’t give up until the assignment has been successfully completed.

    Being on a team sport has inscribed the morals of teamwork into most things I do. Saying that, in order to be successful, the team must work together. This aspect will help me thrive here at Indium Corporation during my internship. Being a member of the Procurement team, a lot of pieces of the project will be sought out by the group, collaboratively.

    I believe that sports such as basketball, allow students to absorb aspects of teamwork, dedication, and friendship, that aren’t able to be instituted in other ways. Being on a team sport gives you the ability to apply these characteristics within the professional world as well.

    George F. Will once said, “Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence”.

    Thank you,