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Building a Positive Work Environment

  • 2017 College Interns
  • Indium Corporation is an international community of professionals striving to achieve and deliver respect, appreciation, and achievement. Communication is a critical element to every international corporation, and Indium Corporation is no exception.

    Recently, President Greg Evans held a meeting that we call “AnswerMan,” a regularly-scheduled session in which he gathers all of the employees at each site and updates us on the facility's performance as well as the overall performance of the company. He began by describing the growing success of Indium Corporation over the previous year and how, in the face of challenges, the company expects to continue that trend into the future. At the end, there was time for employees to ask any questions they may have had for Mr. Evans.

    Throughout the session, I noticed various signs of effective communication that worked to build up our corporate environment, and employee morale. Mr. Evans was optimistic, but also realistic about the success of the company, pointing out examples of incredible growth, as well as areas that require improvement.

    There were a large number of new employees, along with myself and the other interns, and Mr. Evans responded by explaining some of the more complex information to us. He walked through a multitude of acronyms that Indium Corporation uses in operations, and some of the products that the company has developed. The seasoned employees were very patient with us and respected the need for him to elaborate.

    As for the open question section, it developed the session into more than just a report. Employees have a direct line of communication with Mr. Evans and can use their input and suggestions to improve Indium Corporation as a whole.

    I can’t begin to describe how important a meeting like this can be for employees in any corporation. When companies have several locations, and as they become larger, it becomes increasingly difficult to engage with personnel in the way Indium Corporation does. I’m looking forward to learning more about what other events and activities allow employees to come together, regardless of location or role in the work place.