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Having Patience

  • 2017 College Interns
  • I have recently been running some tests where I have to start a machine and then wait several minutes before it is complete. I’ll often find myself staring into these machines as they crawl through the test, taking up my sweet, precious time. As I sit there watching the seconds count down until I have to clean the set up, and start the test all over, I realize how important patience is related to work.

    When working with expensive equipment and sensitive materials, patience plays a huge factor in success. There are often many fine details that need to be checked before running a piece of equipment; skipping just one could ruin the machine and cost your company a lot of money. Taking the time and ensuring that everything is correct could really save you in the long run.  Rushing through tests could really vary the test results, screwing up all your data. So, even if I would have loved to rush through some of these tests, it was best that I sat patiently and took the time to finish them all.

    I’ve also found that job searching requires a lot of patience. For my first internship I sent out over 170 applications before I got a job offer. With applications being online you’d think that it’d be minimal effort to apply, but there are actually a lot of time consuming steps.For each application I customized my resume and cover letter so that they are a best fit for each position. Then, I had to fill out all this information about myself and my qualifications. Then came the waiting. It often takes a couple weeks before you hear back. If a person is lucky enough to get an interview they usually make you wait a couple more weeks. The whole process of applying and getting a job usually takes a long month before it’s finished.

    I know you guys understand what having patience is like because you take the time to read through all my blog posts!