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How To Give the Best Presentation at Work: Start With Why

  • 2016 College Interns
  • Most people like to stick to the way that they've always done things, especially when it comes to giving presentations. Students learn a format for this in school and think they must stick to it for the rest of their lives. Eventually, they each develop their own techniques, always hoping for a less nerve-racking experience. This includes practicing, adding humor, using bullet points, adding photos, making flash cards, etc. The key thing missing here is striving to standout.

    When you enter the work place you will notice that this is the only way you will achieve your goal and get ahead. If you and your colleagues all give similar presentations to your boss, who will get the promotion? It's likely that this will be the person who thought outside of the box and did something completely different from the rest.

    A famous Ted Talk, by Simon Sinek, gives me a better understanding of how to structure a great presentation. Although this isn't a video on presentation tips, it gives a better sense of how people take in information you're giving them and how, if you reverse the typical way of thinking, you will achieve more when saying less.


    • First: Why = Goal
    • Second: How = Strategy
    • Third: What =Tactics 

    Techniques to keep in mind for your next presentation:

    • Be different
    • Believe in what you're saying
    • Practice (Record yourself or act the presentation out in front of someone)