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Keeping a Positive Attitude

  • 2017 College Interns
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    In last week’s Lunch-n-Learn, Jim McCoy discussed the essentials of being adequately prepared for job searching. Some of the things he covered were resume and cover letter formatting, courtesies when applying, interviewing tips, and yes, even proper hygiene. One thing that Jim mentioned really stuck with me; the importance of showing, and keeping, a positive attitude through the entire process.

    A lot of this can relate to my last post on personal branding. When job searching, it is important to sell yourself as being positive. It’s clear that companies would rather select somebody who shows eagerness and positivity in their application rather than somebody who is not outright on their willingness to do so. Even when applying for the Indium Corporation internship program, I worked to stay enthusiastic through the entire process. I had applied for a few Indium Corporation internship positions, including the Semiconductor Assembly Materials and Engineered Solders positions. Knowing I could only be selected for one position, I stayed positive when I was turned down for these spots. I’m also a believer in faith, and that everything happens for a reason, so I feel that I’m right where I need to be as the Preventative Maintenance intern.

    Another place where we can see how important of a role positivity plays was in this past year’s College Football Playoff National Championship game between Clemson and Alabama. My supervisor, Brian Freiberger, is a Clemson University alumni and a huge Tigers Football fan. He models his workplace ethic after Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney’s culture of positivity he keeps around his football program. Keeping a positive attitude shows great leadership skills and inspires a morale for success, which is why Clemson’s recruiting is second-to-none. In the workplace, this could be working on certain projects or trying to meet a company goal. In Dabo Swinney’s case, this could be winning a second consecutive national championship.

    President of Indium Corporation, Greg Evans, said in our company Answer Man meeting a few weeks ago that Indium Corporation is on the rise. I feel that to continue the success that Indium Corporation has been having, it’s important to keep a culture of positivity within these walls, which in turn establishes a sense of empowerment.

    Even through any mishaps or hardships that may be thrown at us, Indium Corporation doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

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