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Learning From the Experts

  • 2023 College Interns
  • As the internship program has reached the halfway point, I am now able to reflect on all I have learned this summer. Throughout my time here at Indium Corporation, I have had a unique role in the technical support department that has allowed me to learn about applications in the electronic assembly field and the role of Indium’s products within them.

    The main goal of the technical support department is to assist customers in using our products and optimizing their assembly process. From the countless customers the department has assisted, many technical insights were gained not only about the performance of Indium’s products, but how they can be used in a multitude of different electronic applications as well. The experts here at Indium Corporation all have extensive knowledge and backgrounds in materials science and problem solving that are applied when helping customers.

    My main objective this summer has been focused on capturing this knowledge to enhance internal communication. To accomplish this, I have had to schedule and meet with employees throughout the company to inquire about projects they have been working on, insights gained through helping customers, and frequently asked questions they receive. After collecting and organizing this information, I have been working to develop and populate a searchable database. The entries within this database are called Knowledge Articles, and they cover the technical experiences of our employees.

    Throughout the entire process, I have experienced firsthand “The Indium Way” through the kindness of the employees I’ve encountered. I am beyond grateful to have met with so many understanding employees that have helped me succeed and were enthusiastic about sharing what they have been working on. My project has given me a substantial amount of experience with communicating technical information in a way that is easy to comprehend and share with others. I can’t wait to apply this experience to my education and future endeavors!