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Materials Project Intern Goals

  • 2023 College Interns
  • This summer, my ultimate goal and project is to determine various mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of new alloys in Indium Corporation’s Alloy Directory, helping to give distinguishing information to customers to assist them with selecting the right material for their project. I will be helping to determine the suitable procedures for testing each property accurately and creating organized schedules for completing tests in a timely manner.

    A solder alloy is a mixture composed of a metal with other metals or nonmetals that creates a joint between two pieces of metal. A solder alloy can be used when sealing metal pipes or joining pieces in circuit boards.              

    The six main families in which Indium Corporation creates solder alloys are indium, bismuth, gallium, gold, lead, and tin. Depending on the various conditions that the solder alloy will undergo, a different combination and family of alloy is recommended. A solder alloy might have to undergo various temperature levels and keep two metal pieces together even when subjected to stresses from different directions. For example, if a structure needs to be intact at high temperatures, a solder alloy with a high melting point (eutectic) may be used to create the joint.

    I look forward to gaining hands-on experience in a company and to meeting new people!

    See you again soon!