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The Start To My Indium Corporation Internship

  • 2016 College Interns

    Being the information technology (IT) intern for Indium Corporation has been quite the experience. We were promised from the beginning that this internship is different from most. We were promised that this was an internship in which we would receive real work and feel involved. I have only been here for two and a half weeks and feel like an actual Indium Corporation employee. The IT department here is filled with genuine people who actually put the time in to teach me. I have learned so much in my two weeks here and I cannot wait to learn more.

    I have had a number of mentors since I’ve been here at Indium Corporation. These mentors consist of Steve Mannix, Brandon Morris, Jeff Rivet, Andy Brefka, Kevin Moore, Gary Usyk, and Derrick Sharkey. These seven guys have probably had mentors of their own, and I hope to learn much more from them and apply that knowledge to my work. I specifically say the word mentor because, during my first week, Rick Short, who is Indium Corporation’s Director of Marketing Communications, gave a presentation for the interns. This presentation consisted of Rick expressing how important it is to have a mentor. He made me realize that learning from someone, and their experiences, is a key factor to success in today’s day and age. I learned that I needed to find, not just one single mentor, but multiple mentors. That is exactly what I did.

    I have completed one project since I have started and am scheduled for many more. My first project was deploying the update to our email cloud server software to systems over our global Indium Corporation locations.

    Along with the project I have completed, my work has consisted of learning most of Indium Corporation’s software, responding to IT helpdesk tickets, transferring desks and computer systems to new locations (when employees relocate through our buildings), assisting other IT employees with projects, and many other things.

    Every Tuesday morning our IT team has a meeting. These meetings consist of each employee stating the projects and work that they have completed, or that they are working on. I think these meetings have a great purpose and I look forward to sitting in on many more. Along with IT meetings we have Intern meetings and conferences every Wednesday. Every week they are different, but I have to say I always look forward to them. This past week we had a Dale Carnegie training session. During this training session I learned so much. I learned a completely different way of thinking to benefit myself. I learned how to stay positive - and steps to create a happy work environment.

    This internship has been nothing but a fulfilling experience for me so far. I look forward to the many other events we have planned here at Indium Corporation. I enjoy the work I do and I enjoy working with the IT team. There’s not much more I can ask for.

    I wish you all the best,

    Matthew D. Haddad