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My Internship Experience So Far

  • 2023 College Interns
  • This summer has truly flown by! It is hard to believe that there is only a week until Commencement. In this post, I'll take you through a snapshot of my journey, highlighting some of the incredible moments that have shaped my summer.

    I have completed two significant social media campaigns: "Welcome the Interns" and "Intern Spotlights." I kicked off the summer welcoming the interns on our social media platforms. This project not only allowed me to showcase my creativity and skills but also helped me establish an efficient workflow for future tasks. During the lead-up to National Intern Day, I took on the challenge of creating motion graphics to spotlight the amazing work of our interns. While there were some hurdles to overcome, I felt that the campaign was a success, and enjoyed collaborating with my fellow interns.

    In addition to the social media campaigns, I stayed busy by producing weekly promotional content and offering assistance to various departments in photography and video editing. I have written a few blog posts and helped peer review my fellow interns’ blogs, so go check those out! Furthermore, I had the opportunity of presenting on LinkedIn during the Marcom department's Lunch & Learn, which was a fantastic experience and helped me practice my presentation skills before our midpoint presentations.

    At the midpoint of the internship, all the interns presented their work to our supervisors and upper management. Though I felt nervous, I was proud to showcase my contributions, and the presentation went well. The positive feedback on my work and future ideas inspired me, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been able to present my contributions to individuals in the company.

    Aside from the amazing work experience, I have also made unforgettable memories. I won the Company's impromptu "Friday Skipping Competition." I explored planes at the Griffiss Airbase while capturing product photos with the Marcom team. At the Marcom department’s Lunch & Learn, I set up a fun photo booth for my fellow interns. On National Intern Day, my supervisor treated me to ice cream and we received quarter zip-up shirts as a gift from the company. I have also grown extremely close to my fellow interns, and they have made this experience so fun!

    As I approach the final days of this summer internship, I am currently working on a short introductory video for future interns. Recognizing that understanding the company's processes and products can be challenging, I aim to create a video that provides a baseline knowledge of Indium Corporation and the internship program. By adopting the theme "From One Intern to Another," I hope to create a welcoming and casual atmosphere, easing any nerves that new interns may have. If you're curious about the video, make sure to apply for the internship program and experience it firsthand!

    Thank you, Indium Corporation, and everyone I have met during my time at the company!