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My Internship Overview Interview with Jim Hisert

  • 2016 College Interns
  • I recently had an opportunity to do an interview with Jim Hisert who is a highly remarkable blogger, manufacturing engineer, and supervisor to fellow intern, David Fresne, here at Indium Corporation.

    In the beginning of my internship, I informed the interns on blogging topics that they could use and write about in their future posts; interview posts was one of the themes. I gave them advice to research and interview with some of Indium's famous bloggers, such as Jim Hisert and Dr. Ron Lasky. When Jim reached out to me to inform me that fellow interns contacted him about doing an interview, he also wanted to extend the invitation to the rest of us interns. I gave out Jim's business cards to the interns so they could contact him. After this there were 5 interview posts just on the interns.

    Check out my interview post here

    Not your average intern,

    Lucia  Forte