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My Only Goal Here is to "Excel"!

  • 2021 College Interns
  • There is one software that you either love or you hate — and it’s Microsoft® Excel®. I love Excel and see it to be one of my best tools when trying to be productive. I’ve used Excel for everything from lists to calculations to accounting. Over the past 3 weeks, I have sent 100+ emails to interns, their supervisors, and grammar extraordinaire, Angela Hulbert-Wojcik. These emails were in regards to the intern announcements that were sent out internally. There were plenty of revisions and gathering of information needed in order to make the announcements successful. This took a lot of management to keep track of where things were in the process; I did it all using Excel!

    From the moment I received the assignment to the final distribution, I had it all mapped out in Excel. Each intern had their own row, and each stage had a column. When a step was complete, I would type “complete” and the cell would turn green. You might get to this portion of the post and think, "am I really reading about Excel? What’s the point of this? I wonder what’s for dinner?" To answer your question, there is a point! During my first few weeks here at Indium Corporation, I’ve realized how amazing this place really is, and that I need to make a good impression in order to excel in my role here. In order to do that, organization is going to be key to my success!

    As I continue to grow in my role here at Indium Corporation, it is my intent to do so to the best of my ability and in a professional and impressive manner. I have always been a planner in life, whether it was a vacation, a meal, or just an assignment. The same applies to this internship; I have already planned out in Excel all of my major projects, from when they will begin to when I believe they should be posted. I want to impress Jingya Huang, Indium Corporation’s Marcom Manager, and the rest of the Marcom team by the amount of quality work and projects that can be completed by the time I leave Indium Corporation on August 6th. In using time management skills and planning, I believe that I will not only meet expectations, but surpass that goal.

    My only goal is to “Excel” here at Indium Corporation!

    Until the next time friend,

    Jack Steger