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My Very First Project - A Journey of Learning and Growth

  • 2023 College Interns
  • As I wrap up my very first project, I take a moment to reflect on the process and the invaluable lessons I have gained along the way.

    Tasked with creating a social media campaign to welcome the 2023 interns, I embarked on a learning process that stretched my skills as a design major and taught me the corporate workflow. Unlike the typical responsibilities of a Marcom intern at Indium Corporation, my team granted me the opportunity to create my own assets for this project. To begin, I crafted a range of designs, exploring variations that closely followed the style of previous internship posts, as well as more experimental approaches. Bursting with enthusiasm, I dove right into it, spending half the day iterating ideas. In my excitement, I ventured into some very experimental design territories, momentarily forgetting my responsibility to uphold the company brand.

    When I shared my designs with our team, the Marcom manager acknowledged my creativity and personal style but expressed concern about the lack of alignment with the brand. My supervisor challenged me to conduct further research, gather feedback from my fellow interns, explore the company brand, and iterate even more. It was time to start fresh!

    With a clean slate and new ideas, I began reworking a previous design, focusing on infusing it with the essence of the Indium Corporation brand. Referencing the company style guide and my additional research on colors, fonts, and logos, I ensured that every corporate element was appropriately utilized. Prior to creating the remaining 13 designs, I sought valuable feedback on these initial designs.

    Once I had all the content I needed and received approval on my designs, I created 13 unique intern posts and one group welcome post. I devised a social media content calendar with posting dates, platforms, and captions to ensure seamless execution. This calendar was shared with the Marcom team and our design agency to allow for smooth scheduling of each post throughout the week.

    Witnessing my designs finally come to life on social media was a thrilling moment after the long and intricate process. Through this project, I learned the process of creating and posting content, the importance of collaboration, and ensuring thorough reviews. I gained a deep understanding of the significance of corporate branding and style standards while navigating requesting content from others and learning how to effectively gather all necessary elements. I embraced the notion that making mistakes is part of the learning journey.

    Above all, I experienced firsthand the kindness and helpfulness of the people at Indium Corporation.