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Indium Corporation Interns Volunteering in the Community for the Boilermaker

  • 2016 College Interns
  • This Sunday; July 10th 2016, is the Boilermaker. This 15 kilometer road race brings people from all over the world to Utica, NY. The event is held every summer on the second Sunday in July but the festivities continue all weekend long. The pre-Boilermaker party is held the day before, on Saturday, for those who are participating in the race - and the after-party is held at the Saranac Brewery; which is the finishing point of the race. This event brings a lot of awareness and attention to the community.

    Utica mayor, Robert Palmieri, along with residents and local businesses owners, want to assure that our city looks it's best for the 14,000 runners, and over 30,000 spectators from around the world who will be visiting the area. This year, the 2016 Indium Corporation Interns volunteered for the 5th annual Quality of Life Sweep (city sweep). This program was created by mayor Palmieri in an effort to make our city beautiful by removing any garbage off of the streets that will be filled with runners and spectators. All of the interns, local police officers, firemen and mayor Palmieri himself joined together on the streets of West Utica to clean up.

    I think that volunteering in the community and giving back is very important because, without people making these efforts, we have no way to show our pride in the community. This is something in which every person in every city or town should be involved.