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One Big, Happy Family

  • 2019 College Interns
  • Almost since day one, our group of summer interns has been close. We get lunch together every day, we laugh and joke with each other, and we sometimes hangout after work. As our bond grew stronger, we began to help each other with work too! When one, or all of us, was faced with a daunting task, the group came to the rescue. Here are some examples of times we were willing to lend a hand.

    One of my projects was to perform an audit of our photo release forms to ensure all our employees had signed them and that they were digitally archived. There were over 1,000 forms to go through! Seeing that I was struggling with this task, Ian West volunteered to help me out. He would go through the paper copies and say a name which I would then verify with a digital copy. This project was supposed to take me all summer; instead it only took me four weeks with the help of a friend. In return, I agreed to help Ian take some pictures needed for upcoming projects.

    Another great example of the interns coming together to help each other occurred right before our mid-point report. The mid-point report is a presentation that each intern gives about what they’ve done so far, why it is important, and what they will do next. In attendance at the presentation were each intern’s supervisor, the other interns, the Vice Presidents, and the CEO. In the week leading up to the presentation, each of us prepared our slides and speeches. The Friday before the presentation, some of the interns booked a conference room to practice our presentations. One by one, we gave our presentations to the group. After practicing our speeches, we gave each other useful feedback and tips. This made everyone feel more comfortable when it was time to present in front of a room full of people.

    At the end of the day, our collaboration on projects has only brought us closer. Having friendships at work makes it that much more enjoyable to come in every day. We have become one big, happy family.

    All the Best,