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  • 2020 College Interns
  • Long time, no talk!

    With this being the last week of the 2020 Internship Program, there has been a great deal of reflection done on these past 10 weeks. I can only speak for myself when I make a statement such as this one, but for me, it is extremely true.

    I began this internship knowing that I liked human resources, I liked the area I grew up in, and I liked what Indium Corporation believes. What I was unsure of was if I was if I wanted a career in HR, if I wanted to move back to Central New York, and if I would mesh well with the company. These unknowns are scary; they force you to question everything you may have known about yourself and about your future. That internal struggle, that I know I’m not alone in as a college student beginning their senior year, can feel crippling.

    Looking back, I will admit the first week I felt nervous, a little anxious, and intimidated. Someone with little professional experience, walking into a corporation filled with experienced professionals, can make you feel this way. What I wish I could have told myself, especially that first week, is that everyone at this company wants to see you succeed in this internship program. You are chosen because you have the skills and ability to achieve success. No one here wants you to feel nervous or anxious, and especially not intimidated. *(If you do happen to come to Indium Corporation for the internship program…talk yourself down when you feel this way, it is an unnecessary stress you will be putting on yourself)* Don’t confuse this with people not paying attention to you; all eyes are on you because they want to see what you can do. I have come to work during my last week (like the prior 8 weeks) excited, happy, and encouraged...a complete turn around from the first week.

    Another reflection I have looked back on is that building a relationship with your supervisor and your team is extremely important. I am very lucky that the team I work with has accepted me with open arms. Constantly wanting to show me the tasks they work on every day and why they are so important for the bigger picture. Do not take these moments for granted; they are significant, for your relationship with those who are teaching you and for your own professional development. Remind yourself that being personable with your team allows for trust and understanding to be built. I’m not saying divulge your deepest darkest secrets, but ask how their day is going or how their night was. Remember, your team and supervisors are people too. They are not professional robots who only think about work.

    Most importantly, make time to be with the other interns. These are the only people who TRULY know exactly what you are feeling throughout the entirety of the program. They can 110% relate to you. Eat lunch together, get to know one another, ask about their projects and their hobbies. I’m sure they are all working on some really cool and fascinating projects and that you have a lot in common. Above all, help each other! You are a support for one another. When it comes time for Mid-Point presentations, you will want to practice presentations over...and over...and over again. You will laugh together, you will smile together, and you will all struggle together. Reminder: struggling is not a bad thing; asking others for input and help is such a great way to build relationships and to look at other perspectives.

    This experience with other interns, teams, and the organization as a whole, has helped me tremendously in knowing what I want to do in the future. More importantly, it has helped me realize the type of people and company I want to work for someday. Not everyone’s experience is the same, but look at every opportunity with an optimistic view. You may love something or hate something. Either way, you’re one step closer to where you will want to end up in the future.

    Thank you.