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Preparedness for Facilitating a Meeting is Key

  • 2017 College Interns
  • Facilitating a meeting; have you ever had to do that? Not quite sure what that entails? For starters, you are the presenter’s sidekick and ‘partner in crime’. 

    I had the opportunity to facilitate 5 review/training sessions with my co-worker, who was presenting information to fellow co-workers concerning our credit card system. I did a lot of the behind the scenes work, gathering together 8 documents to be printed and sorted into packets for attendees. Keep in mind, we had around 50 Indium Corporation employees partake in the various sessions. Me helping with this process allowed my co-worker (the presenter) to be prepared with slides and demonstrations.

    Once the meeting time rolled around, as a facilitator, I had everyone sign in and handed out packets of information so that attendees could follow along. By doing these things, my co-worker could get organized with what she had to present and instruct to the group.

    From this experience of facilitating meeting sessions, I have learned a few things. The main lessons being: preparedness, organization, and time management. With the meetings being back-to-back days I had to prepare enough documents and organize them into enough packets for the employees involved and be ready to hand them out when the meeting came. These little details are sometimes overlooked but they mean more than you know, especially to your partner who’s presenting.