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Presentation at Indium Corporation

  • 2016 College Interns
  • The 2016 Indium Corporation college interns had to deliver a mid-point presentation about what we have done so far, what we have learned, and how school has prepared us for this. This was a very good experience because it allowed us to speak about our experiences in the work place and it gave Indium Corporation a chance to check up on the interns and see the benefits of their inputs.

    I talked about my project, the Electronic Router, and how we were dealing with issues both on the production floor and on the software side of it. I also talked about how Clarkson had prepared me for this internship with just a year of school under my belt. Clarkson taught me the general standards of engineering facilities along with the personal skills to be able to deal with a wide arrange of people. Along with that I talked about what Indium Corporation has given me to prepare me for school. One of the big things was independence because, here at Indium Corporation, interns are treated like regular employees, so there is no one there to hold our hands every step of the way. Even though there is help right around the corner it is still important to be able to work things out yourself. This will definitely help me in college because it makes me more of an independent thinker and it forces me to think outside the box which is a skill that people undervalue.

    The mid-point presentation was a success because it gave me experience talking about real things in front of co-workers instead of just presenting about a project to the rest of my class (who all did the same project). It was a great experience and something that Indium Corporation should look forward to doing for their interns in the future.