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Start Something Great!

  • 2022 College Interns
  • During my internship here at Indium Corporation, I have had the chance to meet and talk with so many wonderful people within the company. From executives and managers to lab techs and my fellow interns, I have learned so much from everyone in these 10 short weeks.

    When I met managers and executives who have been working with Indium Corporation for a long time, I found that their favorite thing about Indium Corporation is seeing it grow. Indium Corporation has grown so much from what it started out as in its original location. It now has five locations in Upstate NY and many others around the world. It has truly been wondrous to hear the stories about their inventions, processes, trials, and errors that brought the company to where it is today. And even though they have had errors, it is the successes and hope for the future that keeps them moving forward.

    I had a recent conversation with Rick Short, Corporate Associate Vice President. He has welcomed me since my first week here at Indium Corporation when I got lost in the confusing office layout that is HQ. He popped by my desk cubicle and asked me what was my favorite part about seeing all of the 5 Upstate NY Facilities (the goal I set for myself in my previous blog post.) I told him that my favorite part was seeing Indium Corporation’s solder powder manufacturing equipment over at our ECD location. There are big tanks that take molten metals and, through a calculated process, turn that material into powders used for Indium Corporation’s solder pastes. I was amazed at how they are able to control the particle sizes and just the size of the machines – the biggest ones took up the whole room! Rick told me that my desk was located behind the inventor of some of the equipment, Bill Jackson, and he kindly introduced me. It was really cool how enthusiastic Bill was to talk about his invention and the simple idea it started from. He even had a part from the first prototype at his desk that he was able to show me.

    Rick said “Even though the invention was made a long time ago. I still think of it as brand new because there have been so many innovations and improvements since it was first built.”

    I aspire to do all of that someday. To start something amazing and watch it grow and evolve. That is what engineering is about – solving complex problems and improving upon basic solutions to steadily innovate and improve over time. I know that it will be tough in the beginning and there will be major challenges. Ultimately, it will all be worth it. Looking back and seeing something that I made with my own hands grow into something spectacular is my goal in my pursuit of being a chemical engineer.

    Start something great!

    Julia Commane