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Thank You

  • 2017 College Interns
  • As the summer comes to an end, I am not only saddened by the fact that school will soon resume but also due to my leaving Indium Corporation.  I have learned so much about a working environment and professional relationships in only ten weeks that I wouldn’t have learned if not for Indium Corporation’s hands-on and obviously well planned internship program. This summer has been an amazing experience that I cannot thank everyone that I worked with for enough. 

         My initial nerves were soon suppressed by everyone’s welcoming attitude and willingness to help. I wasn’t looked down on as an intern and I was given enough responsibility to feel as if I was doing something useful for the company rather than just doing small jobs that my supervisor didn’t have time for.  I particularly enjoyed the casual way that the members of the engineered solder materials team interacted which kept meetings entertaining and productive. 

         I am excited to take my increased confidence and knowledge of professionalism into my future career and personal life as well.  This internship threw me directly into a hands-on, demanding work experience and I believe that I took from it as much as I could.