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Thank you

  • 2017 College Interns
  • The past 10 weeks has been a fantastic experience here at Indium Corporation. There was no “they’re just interns” stigma. I didn’t just run and get coffee, or wait patiently for a job that was simple enough even for an intern to do. I was immediately accepted, and given the responsibilities of any full-time employee. Rarely is it possible to find somewhere to learn and develop professional skills necessary to working in the corporate setting. Indium Corporation not only gave us the chance but also facilitated and encouraged us to do so.

    Thank you, especially to the R&D department, for the chance to be part of this team. Indium Corporation’s slogan for the internship was “Not Your Average Internship”. I wholeheartedly agree, but it’s not the well-designed program or the high level of involvement. It’s the free lunch every Wednesday that really puts this internship on another level. Oh, and the people too. Every person I worked with was eager and willing to teach. And that’s truly what made this internship special, the people weren’t just coworkers, but mentors and friends as well. Thank you.