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Thank You Indium Corporation!

  • 2022 College Interns
  • Man have these 10 weeks flown by! Today marks the final day of my internship at Indium Corporation. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity that was offered to me. I will admit I was very nervous at the beginning, not knowing what to expect. However, it did not take long for me to feel right at home with the Indium Corporation family. 

    Throughout this summer, I have learned an extraordinary number of things…everything from the specifics of material properties to how the manufacturing industry functions on a large scale. I have worked with so many different people throughout the company and facilities, learning more about their work and ongoing projects. Gaining this experience and making so many amazing connections was truly enjoyable and I cannot wait to bring all of this knowledge with me in the future. 

    As I start my last year as an undergraduate student who hopes to find full-time employment next summer, you better believe that my first choice will be Indium Corporation! I have grown not only as a worker in the field, but also as a person in whole. Thank you to those who have helped me along the way.

    Until next time!