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The Conclusion of My Indium Corporation Internship

  • 2016 College Interns
  • It is hard to believe that ten weeks have gone by. It feels like it was yesterday when I walked into the Indium Corporation Business Park Drive location in Utica, NY for my first day of work. Although it feels like time has passed quickly, looking back I can recall the projects and rewarding experiences that I've had in the past ten weeks.

    Firstly, I am incredibly grateful for being given the opportunity to be a part of the Indium Corporation team. A great deal of work and effort was put into making this intern program a reality. All that work is apparent in not just the placement of interns with supervisors and assigned work but also in the other activities that enhanced the internship experience. One of these activities was the Lunch and Learn segments. Every Wednesday, the ten of us interns would meet for lunch and have a presenter tell us about information that would be beneficial to us in our college career, during our internship, or both! The weekly meetings for lunch were also great because they gave everyone a chance to get together and interact.

    The projects that I've worked on have been an enriching experience for me. The range of work has kept things interesting and also helped to expand my breadth of experience which is critical in an internship. An internship is all about learning as much as you can in the time you are employed. I have been able to do everything from cost analyses to designing and installing my own parts. During these projects, I have also built and strengthened my interpersonal skills. I have written about this topic in a previous post here. Developing your network is a crucial skill to have, not just in a professional environment but in all facets of life. In addition to sharpening my interpersonal skills, I have been able to improve on some skills that I was not expecting to, like interviewing and being on camera

    All in all, my time here at Indium Corporation as a Production Engineering intern was astonishing and I would be happy to do it again. Fortunately, even though my full-time internship will be over this week, I was given the chance to come back part-time during the semester and winter break. This will allow me to see my main project completely finished. The design part of my project is done, however parts need to be ordered, and fabrication and assembly has to be completed. Working part-time at Indium will grant me the opportunity to see the project come to completion which is truly amazing as an engineering student; to see your work come to fruition.