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The Sun, The Future, and Indium Corporation

  • 2016 College Interns
  • As the future approaches, more and more technologies are discovered. These technologies require some sort of power to activate them. With the increasing need for more energy, a clean, renewable solution is necessary. Solar power has become an essential source of energy that possesses these traits.

    Indium Corporation plays a vital role in the solar panel assembly materials market. Indium Corporation has a significant amount of expertise with solders and provides reliable soldering interconnect materials that improve the efficiency, cost, and performance of solar cells. These products are essential for creating outstanding solar panels.

    With the frightening observations of global warming and pollution in the environment, seeking clean and renewable energy through solar power has been a critical investigation. However, the popularity of solar energy is not large enough due to the expense of solar panels.  For this reason, Indium Corporation has become a great contributor to the world’s advanced energy solution.