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Updating the E-Commerce Website

  • 2016 College Interns
  • One of the projects that I'm working on during my summer internship is updating Indium Corporation's e-commerce website. The goal is to create a simplified and user-friendly experience.This project consists of looking at our current website from a customer user persona standpoint, finding data on the demographics and sales, researching our competitor websites, ranking these upgrades based on our competitors, and proposing our findings to Indium Corporation's marcom (marketing communications) leaders and our outside website developers, Quadsimia. Being a new media marketing major (or digital media marketing) at Rochester Institute of Technology, I have been able to apply what I've learned in my field of study into my field of work (internship).

    At the beginning of my internship, I was not assigned to be working on this project but my supervisor, Anita Brown, asked me If I'd like to add this to my list. I knew that this was something right in my area of expertise and that Indium Corporation would, in return, have a part of something I worked on long after I end the internship.

    I am currently working with a fellow intern Lindsay Cannistra, along with Indium employee Robert McKerrow, on this project. The upgrade has been moving along quickly and successfully. We recently presented our findings to Quadsimia, and now must research the costs with them. I'm sad to leave this project behind after I leave but I plan on checking up with Robert to see how things are moving along.

    What I've learned in my internet marketing class has been extremely useful for this specific internship project. In school I learned a lot about search engine optimization (SEO), shopping cart optimization (SCO), security and privacy of the website, website development, navigation, and overall design. I was able to apply almost all of these skills, along with others, into this project.

    Although I am just the marketing communications intern, I am still able to work on projects like the e-commerce website and was able to create pages that are on the current website. This is something that I have a strong passion for.

    I'm glad that Indium Corporation has allowed me to learn so much from them, but that they have also learned something from me.

    Not your average intern, 

    Lucia Forte