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What I Love About Working at Indium Corporation!

  • 2019 College Interns
  • As I look back on my internship at Indium Corporation I have nothing but good things to say! It can be hard to know what to expect when starting a new job. Never was I asked to get coffee or file paperwork for someone. When I started, there were 7 other interns also joining the team; everyone at Indium Corporation was excited to meet us from the moment we started.

    For those of you who have not read my previous blog post about what I do at Indium Corporation, I will link it here. The abbreviated version is that I’m a manufacturing processes engineering intern and I was tasked with updating the Bill of Manufacture. When I joined Indium Corporation, I quickly learned that college had only scratched the surface and that I had a lot to learn while working here. I love to learn and this was one of my favorite parts of Indium Corporation. Never have I worked somewhere before where learning is the top priority of the job and everything else comes second. This is a rare opportunity in a world where metrics and output are the deciding factors.

    The learning was even given importance within the internship in that every week we would have lunch and learns. These consisted of a catered lunch of the interns choosing; my favorite being the lunch from O’Babys of course. After we were done eating we would then have a speaker present. It would either be an Indium Corporation employee or an external group associated with Indium Corporation. These were so beneficial and I can’t thank Indium Corporation enough for this unexpected extra experience. They were a worthwhile addition to the internship.

    If there was anything I was initially bummed about the internship, it would have to be the separation between the interns located at Headquarters (HQ) vs. the interns located at Business Park Drive (BPD), which is where I was located. Looking on the bright side of this situation was easy though; the separation allowed me to build many friendships with many of the adults at BPD. This is where my second favorite part of the internship comes from. Everyone here at Indium Corporation is so nice; this has allowed me to build so many awesome friendships.

    These friendships are really what made coming into work at Indium Corporation so enjoyable! I’m happy to say, I have been approved for part-time work after the internship ends August 7th. This means I get to continue growing my awesome friendships here at Indium Corporation while also continuing to develop my engineering skills. For that Indium Corporation, I thank you.

    Thank you for your time, Kyle Hochbrueckner.