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Why am I here? An Indium Corporation Summer College Intern Reflects.

  • 2016 College Interns
  • Hello,

    Last week I introduced myself as a person, so this week I will describe why I am here (not in an existential fashion). I guess the answer to that comes in two stages; why Indium has given me this position and why I have accepted it.

    I was brought on as the 2016 Preventative Maintenance Intern and, as such, I will be developing preventative maintenance (PM) protocol and spare parts listings for as much of our machinery as I can get to. Preventative maintenance is scheduled maintenance on any production or support units that is performed in order to prevent failures (and potentially costly downtime) during production cycles. Indium Corporation had several measures in place for its most critical units, but I am tasked with developing them further; continuous improvement.

     My process for development of these protocols is:

    1. Develop a comprehensive listing of all production/support units in a cell
    2. Assess the criticality of each unit
    3. Reference the O&M Manual (that thing that comes with a machine that nobody reads)
    4. Liaise between technicians, maintenance personnel, and engineers
    5. Draft a report outlining preventative measures to be taken and spare parts that should be inventoried

    All protocols and parts listings will be dumped into the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) which will track our progress automatically.

    I accepted this position for several reasons. First of all, having the ability to reference an internship with a company as prestigious as Indium Corporation is certainly something that I am happy to accept (especially since I will gain such a comprehensive knowledge of our machinery throughout this summer). I also believe that I will be able to gain invaluable knowledge on how to operate professionally within a company, how to think critically and make decisions from a holistic perspective, and how to efficiently manage my time as I balance between projects. In short, the value of this internship goes far beyond the work I will produce.

    Until next time,

    Sean McKenna