Indium Wire

Indium Wire

The unique characteristics of indium metal make it an ideal solution for many soldering and sealing applications.

Features & Benefits

As a wire, pure indium provides an excellent hermetic seal since it fills the imperfections in the mating surfaces. Pure indium also remains malleable at cryogenic temperatures so that sealing applications operating in harsh conditions are not compromised.

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Recycle Your Indium

For those applications (like cryogenic sealing) where indium is reclaimable from the process, our easy recycling program is just what you need.

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Recycle Your Indium

Wire Alloys

Indium-containing alloys can also be used for sealing, but are more commonly used for low temperature soldering. For example, Indalloy® 1E, which is lead-free and melts at 118°C, and can be used in unique applications like bonding to glass or ceramics.

Adding silver, tin, or other elements to indium metal changes its physical properties. In some cases, these changes allow us to produce wire with diameters as small as 0.001” (0.025mm). These additional elements also affect the melting point, hardness, and ductility of the alloy.

Indium Wire and Indium Foil

Some popular indium wire materials are listed below:

Indalloy® # Elements Solidus Temperature Liquidus Temperature Comments
1E 52In/48Sn 118°C 118°C Eutectic; good for low-temperature soldering and sealing
1 50In/50Sn 118°C 125°C Good for low-temperature soldering and sealing
290 97In/3Ag 143°C 143°C Eutectic
2 80In/15Pb/5Ag 149°C 154°C Good for soldering to gold
4 Pure indium 156.7°C 156.7°C Bonds to ceramics, glass, and quartz; excellent for hermetic sealing
204 70In/30Pb 165°C 175°C Good for soldering to gold
205 60In/40Pb 173°C 181°C Good for soldering to gold
227 77.2Sn/20In/2.8Ag 175°C 187°C Eutectic; Pb-free
7 50In/50Pb 184°C 210°C Good for soldering to gold
206 60Pb/40In 197°C 231°C Good for soldering to gold
164 92.5Pb/5.0In/2.5Ag 300°C 310°C Good for high-temperature die-attach

Wire Diameters

We manufacture wire containing indium and indium alloys with diameters ranging from 0.010” (0.25mm) - 0.250” (6.35mm) and up. Wire dimensions can vary based on the properties of each metal alloy, which can allow us to make some wire with diameters less than 0.010” (0.25mm).

Specifying standard tolerances can be more cost efficient, but if you need tighter tolerances, please contact us for guidance.

Available Diameters Standard Tolerance
0.010” (0.25mm) - 0.060” (1.5mm) +/-0.002” (0.05mm)
0.061”(1.55mm) - 0.250” (6.35mm) +/-0.003” (0.076mm)
Greater than 0.250” (6.35mm) +/-2.5% of diameter
Indium Wire Diameter

Packaging and Storage

Our wire is manufactured without the use of surface coatings, and all but the largest diameter wires (rods) are packaged on spools to protect the soft material.

The shelf life of our wire is determined by the purity of indium, as well as packaging and environmental conditions.

To increase storage time and minimize surface oxidation after opening the original packaging, keep the wire tightly sealed in the original container at 55% RH or less at or below 22°C. You can also store our wire in an inert atmosphere, such as in a nitrogen dry box.

Indium Wire Packaging