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APEX 2018: The Pinnacle of Trade Shows

  • Lead Free Solder
  • Avoid the Void

  • "Succeed at the Velocity of Technology"...that is the theme of this year's APEX Expo 2018.

    Starting next week Indium Corporation will be one of the key exhibitors at the APEX Expo in San Diego and we really understand the speed at which technology is changing and the need for cutting-edge products to drive that velocity.

    Here is what we will be talking about at APEX Expo 2018:

    • Indium 10.1HF Solder Paste:
      • Halogen-free, no-clean
      • High ECM performance under low-standoff components
      • Outstanding solder beading minimization performance
      • Room-temperature stability
      • Exceptional printing with high transfer efficiency and low variation
      • A unique oxidation barrier to eliminate head-in-pillow and graping defects
    • Solder Fortification preforms (poster session with Robert McKerrow)
    • High-reliability solder alloys (Session S15 with Dr. Ning Cheng Lee, VP of Technology)
    • Low-temperature solder alloys (Session S23 with Dr. Lee)
    • Effect of Nitrogen Reflow Environment on the Electrical Reliability of Rosin-Based No-Clean Solder Paste Flux Residue (Session S10 with Eric Bastow, Assistant Technical Manager)
    • Your applications and challenges...come to booth 1625 and find out how we can help you
    • Live@Apex

    We hope to see you there!  But, if you can't make there and have any questions on how we can drive your velocity, contact us at