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Avoid the Void®: An Introduction to Indium10.1HF Solder Paste

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  • Phil Zarrow: Hey, Brook, in the world of no-clean solder paste formulations, what's new?
    Brook Sandy-Smith: Well, Indium Corporation has just released a new solder paste, Indium10.1HF. This is a halogen-free version of Indium10.1, which people have been using for years, and they love it because it has such low-voiding, especially in bottom termination components.
    Phil Zarrow: What's different about the HF formulation?
    Brook Sandy-Smith: Well, it has really good electrochemical migration resistance, meaning that the SIR testing  passes at a very high resistance. That should give you more confidence as far as high-reliability applications, where you use a no-clean process.
    Phil Zarrow: That should make our automotive people pretty happy, too.
    Brook Sandy-Smith: Oh, absolutely. The good thing about that is, it doesn't just come in SAC305, but also with our improved-reliability SAC alloy, which we call Indalloy®276.
    Phil Zarrow: With regard to reliability, we're okay in the area of shock and vibration and all the other...?
    Brook Sandy-Smith:…yes, thermocycling.
    Phil Zarrow: Excellent.
    Brook Sandy-Smith: All of that good stuff.
    Phil Zarrow: Brook, where can we find out more information about Indium10.1HF?
    Brook Sandy-Smith: Well, you can let us help you Avoid the Void®, and go to our Avoid the Void® page at to check this out, or you can email me directly at
    Phil Zarrow: Brook, thank you very much.