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B2B Marcom: Sales Enablement, from "Find" to "Face To Face"

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  • After a week or so of detailed discussions on the role (in my company) of MY B2B Marcom practice I came up with this simple phrase to describe our mission:

    Sales enablement: from "find" to "face to face".

    No, we don't ALWAYS require a face to face sales experience, but we are most effective there. And I can stretch the term to include being "face to face" with our e-commerce site, our exhibit, our online knowledgebase, an email from our sales person, etc. The point is, we have to create the "find", the "face to face", and all things in between - enabling the sales process to work faster, more easily, and more effectively. Heck, a little more fun wouldn't kill us, either, so let's throw that in, too.

    Is this a big revelation? Heck no. But the simple statement is becoming a bit of an elevator speech for me and my team. It just makes it easier to help others understand our role.