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Burn-in and Test Strategies Workshop a Success for Indium Corporation

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  • You don't always know how trade shows will go. Do you have the right message? Will it be the right audience? Will the right people come to your booth?

    This was our second year of exhibiting at the BiTS (Burn-in and Test Strategies) show held in Chandler, AZ and given the response to our participation, we clearly had the right message for the right audience and lots of interest at our booth.

    The organizers of BiTS have been doing this for 19 years and have a great formula for attracting attendees with great technical programs, posters, and tutorials. This year, in addition to our booth at the Expo, we supported one of the tutorials and one of the technical papers (both presented by Dave Saums of DS&A). We also had the privilege of introducing the keynote speaker, Gayn Erickson of Aehr Test Systems.

    Our main focus was on our metal TIMs, including our Heat-Spring® which is used during the semiconductor burn-in process. These materials stand up to multiple insertions and have great thermal conductivity.

    The tutorial, presented on Sunday had an excellent turnout and Dave Saums was able to get to the venue in time despite the nor'easter pounding the east coast. His tutorial, entitled "Testing and Selecting Thermal Interface Materials for Semiconductor Test and Burn-in Applications" was well received and provided a lot of good discussion on metal TIMs. This is clearly an area in which Dave has expertise and the audience was ready to learn. The content included some insertion testing that we have been doing with Berliner Nanotest und Design with our Heat-Spring and other thermal interface materials.

    Although the technical presentation, "Mechanical Insertion and Thermal Performance Testing Evaluation of Metallic TIMs for Semiconductor Test and Burn-in Applications" had a slightly longer title, it focused more specifically on the results of the insertion testing which was carried out on 1000 insertions with no degradation of the metal TIMs. Future blogs will have more details on this testing.

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