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Concern for Counterfeit RoHS Compliant Components

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  • Don writes:

    At a RoHS software demo yesterday (EMA Design Automation) the subject came up about counterfeit RoHS compliant parts. Have you heard anything about this area? How widespread is it? This seems to me that not only declarations from suppliers would suffice but actual hardware analysis should be performed (XRF) to ensure compliance.

    BTW-your blog is bookmarked high on my list. You are currently right below Ebay.


    Thanks for your interest in my blog.

    I expect counterfeits will be an issue if one does not deal with reputable suppliers. I can't imagine one would get a counterfeit directrly from TI, Kemet, Amcor etal. However, your concern is valid. The world is taking RoHS so casually that I expect tens of $ billions in non RoHS compliant component inventories will exist as of 1 July 2006. Many rascals will want to profit from these components that may be treated as scrap. So caveat emptor will apply.

    XRF can (but, not always) show that a component is in violation, it cannot show compliance. See my blog entry for July 5, 2005. Too bad counterfeit components won't be as easy to spot as counterfeit money.


    Dr. Ron